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Infobility deals with the most vital subject any company or organisation ought to consider –
to challenge the critical capabilities by driving digitalisation and managing of information!

This implies a perspective on information as a true asset and to enable new positions in the ecosystem from boosting innovation and operational excellence, but also to be able to master the transformation towards Destination Digital.
What makes you think your business won’t be affected?

The world is changing! It’s happening now, and the main driver is digitalisation. But how should you approach something that no-one is responsible for? This book is filled with practical advice, based on long-standing experience! It will not eliminate your challenges, but it can facilitate the journey. Read it to understand how. Or contact us.
The book, Destination Digital, is in Swedish - why we have made an executive summary in English ("Management or guerilla approach"). You can download it for free on our download page! The only thing we ask, is that you come back with an opinion!
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