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December 17
No business commitment, as usual
Still, you hear from projects or supporting functions; how do we get attention and commitment from the business? You cannot force people to be committed, even if it helps with directives from top level. You’re dying for “demand driven” but cannot manage to gather business reps for even a few hours to be a part of visualizing the aim and deeds. However, don’t despond. There is one thing that will create true demands and bring you that good killer example. The only thing you have to do is to be where the action and attention is. Piggyback on the most critical business initiatives or issues. If you, for example, are seeing the importance of Information Management, then piggyback on the most critical service development initiative you find. Help them solve all information issues and show value in real time. You’ll be the hero, and everyone will start to ask for your support. So, start piggybacking with pride and the business will love you.
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