2019Dec18 - Infobility

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December 18
The best will fall
This window may seem somewhat provocative - but listen up! (As a Swede, you have to put a smiley after this kind of statement in order not to raise a conflict, so here you go: 🤪.) If you, year in and year out, have been No.1 in what you are doing, the urge for partnerships, the desire to be on your toes or the insight of constantly questioning what you’re doing is perhaps not top of mind priority. But, in a world where new competitors come from outside your industry and where the future customer will be someone you presently don’t know, it is a must. A company not constantly trying to outrival itself will soon be outrivaled. Please, bear this in mind, whether you are a great company or a great spouse – for the time being. Greatness is perishable, especially in the digital era.
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